Nainital Event Go India Game On Google Pay 2022

Nainital Event Go India Game On Google Pay 2022
  • Nainital Event Go India Game On Google Pay 2022
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What Is Nainital Event?

The Nainital Event Go India Game in google pay means a free ticket to Nainital. As you know in others events of Google pay Go India Game we have to just share the event logo for event city tickets. So here also we will get free tickets to the Nanital Go India Game. You will get all the information about this event below and you can easily access this event.

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What Are The Following Steps To Get Reward In Nanital Event Go India Game?

Ist Step: Visit To Go India Offer Page and click on the Nanital Event.

IInd Step: Click on the Nanital Event and share to get 1 Nanital Free Ticket ( Note : You Should Have 0 Tickets)

IIIrd Step: Visit the tickets section and gift the ticket you got, to your friend so that you will again have 0 ticket.

IVth Step: Repeat the Ist Step and IInd Step simultaneously, You will earn unlimited tickets.

In Google Pay Go India Game – How To Visit Nanital Event And Win Bonus Rewards?

Nanital is a rare city ticket in Go India Game Google Pay , But During  The google pay Nainital event answers going on you will get confirmed Nanital City Ticket just by sharing the Event button as we tell you the process above.

In 2020 The Goa Event was live from 12th to 14th December. And in 2021 we will notify you soon.

  • First Click on the below link.

[Click Here]

  • Secondly, Tap on the Go India Game Banner. Then the game is open now click on the Nanital Event Banner.
  • Last but not least you have to stay in Nainital city and then you can play Nanital City Quiz.

What is Go India Game?

GO India Game is a game that you can see in Google Pay where you can visit virtually to different cities in India and collect city and KM tickets to get the best rewards and earn lots of money. You can also enjoy the discount vouchers for many brands like Yatra, Tickets, AJIO, and also get KM to travel after visiting 4 – 5 cities.

This is the part of the Go India Game Event And Free Recharge Tricks

Hello, Guys I know you were enjoying our daily giveaways of Go India City Tickets. Today I come with one more city-specific Event organized by Goole Pay.

The name of the event is Nainital event which means we can get a chance of free tickets to Nanital city during the event by simple method means by sharing the event logo in Game.

Nanital Event Logo

What Is Nanital Event Date & Duration?

As in 2020, It Took Place from 12th December To 14th December in Google Apy App in Go India Game. And Google  Also Extended the GO India Game Upto 26th December 2020.  As the 2021 Nanital Event will be declared soon for the 2021  Go India Game keep in touch with us.

What Are Goo India Nanital Event Rewards?

Users have to visit Nanital City Virtually From Game during  Go India Nanital Event and Answer the 5 Question Correctly to win the scratch card in Google Pay.

What Are The Rewards You Get While Scratching The Card?

  • Free Km To Travel To Another City.
  • Up to 100₹ Cashback.
  • Another City Tickets

For All These Rewards You Have To Answer All Those 5-6 Questions Correctly and enjoy the rewards. 

What Are The Steps For Earn Goa City Tickets?

If you want to earn Goa City Tickets you have to follow the tasks In Google Pay Google India Game below:-

Goa Event Answers

  • Share Daily Go India Map or Daily Photo [5 Tickets].
  • Have to recharge any prepaid plan.
  • Have to pay for the Google Play recharge Code.
  • Have to scan Google pay Qr Code.
  • Pay Bills.
  • Have to pay on MakeMyTrip.
  • Have to Buy Gold.

We also share Goa Tickets or other tickets on our telegram channel.

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What Are Go India Game Nainital Event Answer?

  • 200 – 500.
  • Asiatic Lion.
  • Kumaon.
  • All Of These
  • Kaziranga.
  • Ram Ganga.
  • Never Ever Share Your UPI PIN.

Google Pay Nainital Event Answers Today

Question 1- How Many Tigers Are There In Jim Corbet National Park?

Answers 1- 200- 500

Question 2- What Is The Famous Animal See At The Gir National Park?

Answers 2- Asiatic Lion.

Question 3- Which Himalayan Mountain Ranges Surround Nainital?

Answers 3- Kumaon.

Question 4- Which Of The Following  Lakes Are Around Nainital?

Answers 4- All Of These.

Question 5- Which  Sanctuary is India is Known For One Horned Rhinoceros?

Answers 5- Kaziranga.

Question 6- What Was The Jim Corbett National Park Earlier?

Answers 6- Ram Ganga.

Question 7- When You Got A  Call From  A Tour Operator Giving You A Great Deal On A Jungle Safari. He Is Asking For Your UPI Pin To Make A Booking On Your Behalf. You Should:

Answers 7- Never Ever Share Your UPI PIN

Note:- All Of the 7 Questions You have to give 5 correct answers after reaching Nainital city. If you give all answers correct you will win up to 100 Rs Google Pay Balance Or City Tickets Or KM’s using This Quiz.


At last, I want to say that you can win lots of rewards through these Go India Games and the Nanital event is one of the best games you all must try once. And win rewards.

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