How To Get Rangoli Stamp On Google Pay [Amazing Trick] Let’s See

How To Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay [Amazing Trick] Let's See
  • How To Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay [Amazing Trick] Let's See
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How To Get Rangoli Stamp On Google Pay?

Today we will get you to know How To Get Rangoli Stamp On Google Pay its a very easy trick. Hello guys how are you, hoping you all are enjoying our quizzes and events information.  I know many websites give the trick but the method is not working users do not get Rangoli stamps or flowers.

Don’t worry guys here we are posting the working trick by which you will get the Rangoli and flower on google pay. There is more than 80% a chance you will get Rangoli and Flower Stamp For Free Using this trick.

Rangoli Google Pay
Rangoli Google Pay

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Here we will explain to you the method by which you can get a Flower or Gpay Rangoli Stamp. It’s all about Try and Error base and a little bit of luck also. You should once give a chance to your luck and give a try you may able to win free rangoli and flower stamp in Google pay.

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What Is Gpay Rangoli Stamp Event?

The Gpay Rangoli Stamp event is an event in Google Pay it is a quiz contest for Google Pay Users. It was started on November 13, on the occasion of Dhanteras. The event was ended on November 15. Answers for ALL Google Pay Rangoli Event Questions. If you want to start playing the Diwali game then first you have to register in Go India Game Click Here

How do I get all 5 stamps in Google Pay?

If you want to collect all 5 stamps then you need to take action like Paying Friends, Completing Transaction, Redeeming Offers, Referring Friends, or by many other ways. If you collect 5 unique stamps, you will get the reward of 30$ or you can say 2,247.84 Indian Rupee.

This is the part of the Go India Game Event And Free Recharge Tricks

What Is the Rangoli Stamp Trick Or Flower Stamp Trick In Google Pay?

Here I am posting some rangoli stamp trick by which many of the users get Rangoli stamps and flower stamps. It is not guaranteed that this method will work but you may give it a chance to win 251 Rs from the Google Pay Diwali offer. I also got 6 Flower stamps using these methods.

So Follow the given methods below and earn Rangoli or Flowers Stamps in Google Pay.

Method 1 – How To Get Rangoli Stamp On Google Pay Diwali Scan?

Google itself suggests this Eat Fit Method as Google Says “You Will Get Confirmed Rangoli Or Flower” From this method.


Eat Fit MethodHow To Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay


  1. Open Google Pay App & Click Food Option In It.
  2. Just Find Out Eat fit option.
  3. Order Food From There (Food Amount should Be Minimum Of Rs35).
  4. As you already know that you will surely get Rangoli Or Flower Stamp.

Method 2 – How Do You Get A GPAY Rangoli Stamp?

Google itself suggests this Redbus Method as Google said “You Will Get Confirmed Rangoli Or Flower Stamp” From This.

  1. Open Google pay App and Click Redbus Option.
  2. Book Minimum Amount Bust Ticket. You can Book a Ticket From Indore to Dewas or Modinagar to Gaziabad worth Rs39 or Rs50 choose a date after 15 days.
  3. Complete The Transaction By Paying Google Pay.
  4. As you already know Google said you will get Rangoli or Flower.
  5. once you get stamps then open the Redbus app and then go to my trip and cancel the ticket. You will get a refund in 5-7  working days or instantly in your bank account.

Method 3 – How can I get a flower and Gpay Rangoli stamp?

Google itself suggests this Oven Story Pizza Method as Google said “You Will Get Confirmed Rangoli Or Flower Stamp” From This.


Oven Story Pizza


  1. In the first step, you have to open the Google Pay and Click On Pizza Order Option.
  2. Select the Oven Story Pizza Option From Food Menu.
  3. In the third step you have to order Any Pizza By Applying Code “GPSTORY” To Get Flat 50% Off
  4. Complete The Payment By Google Pay And Enjoy Your Pizza.
  5. In last but not least you will get your Rangoli and Flower Stamp.

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How To Get Rangoli Stamp On Google Pay 



Method 4 – How To Get Rangoli Stamp On Google Pay?

Note:- Try On Your Own Risk – Use Your Own DTH Number Or Try  Method 1

  1. In the first step, you have to first open the updated Google Pay App and click on New Button.
  2. Search TATA SKY and then select TATA SKY DTH
  3. Tap On Tata Sky Button And Enter your TATA SKY DTH number.

Tata Sky Dth



  •   Enter an Amount of Rs 35 and pay it by using your Google Pay Apk.
  • On your successful Payment, you will get your Rangoli or Flower stamp at the same time.
  • Redeemed Your Rs251 after getting all 5 stamps.


Rngoli Stamp Reward


Note:- Again Saying This is not a 100% efficient method only 80 % of users are getting in this.

Method 5 – How To Get Rangoli Stamp On Google Pay Go India Game?

  1. First Open Your Paytm Account And ADD the Money Option.
  2. Add Rs 35 or more to your wallet.
  3. Pay Using any Google Pay UPI.
  4. You have very chances to get Flower or Rangoli Stamps Using this trick.

Rangoli Reward

Method 6 – How To Get Rangoli Stamp On Google Pay?

  • Add any product from Flipkart or Amazon with a minimum amount of Rs35 or more.
  • Do payment of the product by using BHIM UPI and in address bar add your Google pay address and pay the bill with your Google Pay.
  • Using this trick Its a high chance you get Flower or Rangoli Stamps.

How To Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay



At last, I want to say that with the help of the above 6 methods you will definitely understand How To Get Rangoli Stamp On Google Pay. Just follow the above steps and enjoy the rewards for more rewards you can see our more articles. For more articles like this visit Coupon Cookie


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